Site Info
Domain name
Created on         May 31, 2008
Online since        January 2009
Registrar            eNom, Inc.
Admin                Dimitris Kornelatos

Site based in       Athens, Greece

Pay Proofs          1, 2, 3, 4
Sister site 
Status               Elite Site

Member Benefits
Daily ads available 13
Per click 100% of click value
Maximum Direct Referrals No limit
Maximum Rented Referrals 200
The minimum payout for Payza is 1,05$.For Paypal we use stepped payout.
The first payout is 0,3$ the second 0,4$ and then the rest payouts are at 0,5$.
In order to receive your payment request you must wait up to 7 days.
You can earn by clicking ads, completing offers and referring new members.
No,you do not have to click any advertisement in order to earn from your
referrals the next day.

Site Review is one of Elite PTC sites, and paying without delay, the admin is honest
and care to their members. Till this day there is no serious issues/complaints on internet.
but we never recommend for a standard membership to rent many referrals (for any PTC site), because earning of rented referrals will not cover rent referrals cost (lost), and

You will get dead referrals when you buy direct referrals from the site.  It'd would be better you're getting direct referrals as many as you can, at least 10 direct referrals then upgrade your membership.  The admin's name are shown (not suspicious), that's mean he want do serious business, Therefore we can trust the admin. So great there are many member benefits, so we can more easier make money online. In Sort word is an elite site, paying and trusted admin, so there is no reason of doubt to join this site.

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