A new website where you can click ads and earn Dogecoins. The website is similar with

Very easy to handle your account (No memberships, no rent referrals). No special rules.



Earning Options:

Surf Ads

When you press "Click Here to View!". New page will be opened. Don't close it Yourself, After Timer is completed You will get your DogeCoins. 

Doge Link

Ads After you click on the link, new page will be opened and when page loaded, timer starts. Please, don't close it before timer is ticking. Resolve the captcha and you get your reward.


You can start your own ads with just 0.25 Doge (these ads will display in an iframe) Referrals Comission: 7% from each deposit 10% from Surfing and doge links ads Deposits/Withdraw: Minimum deposit/withdraw is 200 Doge The payments will make manual in your Dogecoin wallet or Faucet hub Review


This website is deemed to be popular by Alexa with a ranking of 650508 A Valid SSL Cert Has Been Found. I checked the website and it looks pretty good to get free some doge. Currently is paying site, payment proof can be trace through the link

The minimum cashout was reduced to 200 Doge. You can earn easy 7 doge a day from the current ads,also from the talk with the admin in live chat more earning way will comme in short. for more detail you can go to the site directly to:


Hope from this site, I can get at least 10 doge per day, eventhough, currently it only get 7 doge. 

Feb 14, 2019

Feb 15, 2019

Feb 16, 2019

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